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Charsheet is an open-source web application built on Pyramid
and currently in development.
It generates a FOSS developer "character sheet" based on
data from sites like GitHub, Ohloh, and Stack Exchange.
Charsheet was developed in conjunction with the 2012 RIT
undergraduate research symposium, where I was part of a team
researching gamification of FOSS development. The content we
generated can be found at
I plan to continue hacking on this app throughout the coming
days. If I can get off from work for BarCampRoc, I will be
presenting on this app there.
AGPLv3+ with additional Fedora clause, as detailed in the ``LICENSE``
- David Gay (oddshocks)
- Remy DeCausemaker (decause)
- Nate Case (qalthos)
- Ralph Bean (threebean)
APIs Currently Utilized
- GitHub
- Coderwall
- Ohloh
- Stack Exchange (disabled)
- Fedora Accounts System (disabled)
Charsheet was previously developed in the FOSSRIT/surf-2012 repo on GitHub.
You can still visit this repo to see old issues.
Hacking on Charsheet
You should be able to start hacking on charsheet after
running these commands:
- cd <directory containing this file>
- $venv/bin/python develop
- add Github consumer key and secret to secrets.ini.example
- mv secrets.ini.example secrets.ini
- $venv/bin/pserve development.ini