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Command line interface and library for DMs and other players of Advanced
Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D).
**This project is BRAND NEW and TOTALLY INCOMPLETE. I am completely new to Rust
and I don't recommend using this project yet.**
**This project is BRAND NEW and TOTALLY INCOMPLETE.** I am completely new to
Rust and this is quite light on tests. I use it for my game, but there is a lot
of room for improvement. You have been warned.
This tool is for **original, by the book AD&D**, though it might be useful
for other versions of D&D. For more information about the kind of AD&D
dmn is meant for, see
## Installation
cargo install dmn
If you don't know what cargo is, just [email me]( for
now and I'll send you the program. I'll make the program more-easily available
## Usage
dmn is really light on features right now, but it can do some useful things
that can save you quite a lot of time during prep or even at the table. I hope
to make these more useful as time goes on.
Show help:
dmn help
Roll some dice (only supports XdY and dY format so far):
dmn roll 4d6
Generate a random magic item (includes 10% chance for a map, and uses *[Heroic
chances for katanas and such):
dmn random magic
Generate a random henchman (does not yet properly limit classes or races by
ability scores, nor classes by race or alignment):
dmn random henchman
Get the henchman in CSV format so you can copy and paste right into a
dmn random henchman --csv
Generate 30 henchmen in CSV format (`repeat` only works in zsh; for bash or
whatever you'll need to use a `for` loop or something):
repeat 30 { dmn random henchman --csv }
Roll on a specific table (available tables can be seen by looking in the files
in `src/data/random_tables`):
dmn table hl_non_magic
## Hacking
This is my first Rust project. I haven't even finished reading the Rust book