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Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to contribute. This project relies on an active and involved community, and we really appreciate your support.


  1. Look for an existing issue about the bug or feature you're interested in. If you can't find an existing issue, create a new one.

  2. Fork the repository on GitHub.

  3. Fix the bug or add the feature, and then write one or more tests which show the bug is fixed or the feature works.

  4. Submit a pull request and wait for a maintainer to review it.

More detailed guidelines to help ensure your submission goes smoothly are below.


Python Support

Tahrir supports Python 2.7 version. This is automatically enforced by the continuous integration (CI) suite.

Code Style

We follow the PEP8 style guide for Python. This is automatically enforced by the CI suite.


The test suites can be run using tox by simply running tox from the repository root. We aim for all code to have test coverage or be explicitly marked as not covered using the # no-qa comment. We encourage the Test Driven Development Practice

Your pull request should contain tests for your new feature or bug fix. If you're not certain how to write tests, we will be happy to help you.